In the beginning was the word (john 1:1)

Actually, in Hic et Nunc, it was a code, a contract implemented to mint NFTs in a cleaner, cheaper and decentralized way. Hic et nunc is the first platform where users are able to mint, swap, transfer and giveaway NFTs on the Tezos Blockchain, it is a genesis. Genesis, from greek Γένεσις, is the beginning, the moment of creation, the birth of new universes, new possibilities. The platform is a space, where creators can mint and manage their digital work. It offers this possibility at a cheaper cost, both in terms of…


Speculating futures in the form of binary data, as one of it’s synthesis. An eternal smart contract infrastructure. Being occupied by different purposes. Exchanging crystals, pieces of memory, in it’s continuous existence, coming to compose a diverse landscape.

OBJKTs ⬤ are able to store different media types as images, videos, documents, by distributed means making use of IPFS (Interplanetary File System) CIDs (Content Identifiers). They are implemented on Tezos Blockchain following the FA2 Multi-Asset Token Standard, integrating distributed ledger technologies with distributed storage.

Such protocol is a public smart contract infrastructure. User’s are able to mint, swap, transfer and giveaway… is a decentralized application which implements a micro funding protocol, where open sources of events can take place, working as an DeFi experiment, towards different economical arrangements.

It empowers open sources of will to manifest themselves, intervening in virtual realities. It’s an open source project and all it’s code is available for discussion, contributions and insights.


Some of its underlying characteristics:

  • Users’ are able to publish a micro funding smart contract, query for existing ones, and contribute to them.
  • Users’ are able to connect to the application with mobile wallets and/or browser extensions.
  • Each contribution to a micro…

open-source infrastructure for blockchain interactions and smart contracts designs.

“Let us suppose that we are supplied with some unspecified means of solving number-theoretic problems; a kind of oracle as it were. We shall not go any further into the nature of this oracle apart from saying that it cannot be a machine. With the help of the oracle we could form a new kind of machine (call them o-machines), having as one of its fundamental processes that of solving a given number-theoretic problem.”
— Turing, Allan. Systems of logic based on ordinals.

ungrund oracle v1.0.0 is being presented for the…

rearranging architectures, terraforming autonomous communities.

hicetnunc2000 is a lab for decentralized computing experiments. we have a set of projects concerning web3 open source infrastructures. a roadmap and a whitepaper with a broader view of our mission is planned to be released latter this year.

it can be said that we experiment with software architectural designs, interacting with networks and discovering it’s limiars.

hicetnunc is a dApp which presents to the e-gaming community a platform that connects diverse campaigns.

engaging with a diversity of e-gaming channels, live streamers and technological agents, it allows you to share crowdfundings for sponsoring projects, events and championships.

users will be…


smart contract and distributed systems design

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