Speculating futures in the form of binary data, as one of it’s synthesis. An eternal smart contract infrastructure. Being occupied by different purposes. Exchanging crystals, pieces of memory, in it’s continuous existence, coming to compose a diverse landscape.

OBJKTs ⬤ are able to store different media types as images, videos, documents, by distributed means making use of IPFS (Interplanetary File System) CIDs (Content Identifiers). They are implemented on Tezos Blockchain following the FA2 Multi-Asset Token Standard, integrating distributed ledger technologies with distributed storage.

Such protocol is a public smart contract infrastructure. User’s are able to mint, swap, transfer and giveaway NFTs. A royalty fee can be set as a creator share for each ever future trade. A limit of 10000 units of OBJKTs can be minted in a single operation.

Swaps which carries values are charged with a 2.5% fee, being administrated by hicetnunc2000lab for the maintenance of the protocol, enabling web3 collaborations and further experiments smart contracts/media research.

Such transactions as well distributes hDAO ○ tokens proportionally to the amount of value in the swap for it’s participants. 3 months after the genesis of the protocol hDAO ○ will no longer be minted by the smart contract.

hDAOs ○ would be able to constitute a decentralized feed. It’s token holders are able to hype NFTs. NFTs token owners are able to keep hyping their NFTs or withdraw hDAOs ○ in such context.

As an generic digital asset management protocol, it invites one to draw different possibilities of crypto economies as well landscapes, empowering digital content creators, minting liquidity as data on-chain.


Q1/2021 OBJKTs Marketplace, enables TEZ:OBJKT Swaps;

Q2/2021 hDAO Decentralized Feed;

Q3/2021 OBJKTs communities;

Q4/2021 OBJKTs Ontology/OBJKTs SDKs;

Q1/2022 Randomness Oracle, Cryptographed OBJKTs;

smart contract and distributed systems design

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